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Our goal is to produce the best performance yachts in the world. Best doesn't mean expensive, it means the best value for the customer, which includes a good price-quality ratio. We want to achieve this with clean processes throughout the value chain.

Sailors feedback:

"Such an amazing day testing the Aeolos P30, Hans Genthe has created the most incredible looking yacht, with such genius layout throughout... After looking and sailing lots of yachts, and 99% of yachts have sacrifices designed in, the Aeolos P30 has no Flaws in the design at all. If Hans Genthe keeps this up, Aeolos will be the brand to go to for years to come.....This is something truly special."

Andrew Bedwell, experienced solo sailor (He went with his Mini 6.50 to Iceland just for fun.)

"Light and easily driven and in the light wind conditions it felt very fast. In the buffs of appr. 10 knots of wind speed the boat accerates quickly. The rudder control was impressive even when the boat was forced to healed heavily. All the fittings and especially the Karver winches are very nice. This is the boat for the future."

Jan Hansen (three times round Denmark winner, current silver rudder record holder)

​"Finally, the boat is in the water. The waiting has been quite long, however she’ s worth it. S/Y Aurora looks amazing and she is easy and predictable in handling, onboard ergonomics are well considered. So far, the boat showing impressive performance in light winds, can’t wait to test her in fresher weather and, of course, to compete with other yachts. That’s what she is made for. She’s actually performs very well at large angle of list, hope it will be an advantage during the races"
Dmitry Yamshchikov, Dubai based Owner of the first AEOLOS P30 "Aurora" . He ordered his boat in 3/2021.

"I visited the shipyard in autumn 2021 and was impressed by the quality of the AEOLOS P30 hulls and the precise workmanship of the carbon prepregs, even ISO certified. Quality management is really taken seriously. The low weight for the size is fascinating. I'm looking forward to the premiere in Europe at the HAMBURG Ancora YACHTFESTIVAL and sailing with this racer, of course with Hans Genthe at the tiller."

Heiko Zimmermann (Segler und Veranstalter Ancora Yachtfestival )

AEOLOS YACHTS in the Press:

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