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Trimm and Handling of the Basic Version 

- Jib sheet ratchet blocks switchable with one curry cleat per side (see options)

- Endless jib sheet
- Adjustable Carbon jib arm with ball bearing sheaves 
- Recess in the double bottom to allow max. deep jib lead prosition
- Spinnaker sheet system with automatic ratchet blocks 

- Tapered endless Dyneema spinnaker sheet with balls

- Main sheet 1:4 with automatic ratchet block

- Raised main sheet curry cleat base on carbon rack 

- Bended traveller with ball bearing high load car
- Barber hauler (3 versions possible for operation by crew, helmsman or automatic with balls)
- Mast saver 1:4
- Jib furler high load with ball bearings

- 15m ø8mm towing rope


Center cleat console

The following trim ropes are guided to starboard/port through hard anodized cleats on a carbon console, all ropes are pulled below deck with extra long elastic cords for long durability. The ClamCleats offers the advantage that you can´t open the cleat by mistake or forget to push the rope in the curry cleat. At other positions you want to let the rope unfixed in some situations, like centreboard or boom vang. All ropes listed from front to back:

1) centreboard up/down 1:4, curry cleat

2) spinnaker pole lift (1:2 in mast), clamcleat
3) cunningham 1:4, clamcleat
4) jib lead adjustment vertical 1:12, clamcleat

5) jib lead adjustment sidewards 1:8 (each from windward side adjustable), clamcleat
6) lower shrouds 1:24, clamcleat
7) shrouds 1:24, clamcleat
8) jib/forstay adjustment rough 1:12 big curry cleat and fine 1:24, clamcleat
9) see option below
10) see option below
11) boom vang 1:12, curry cleat, easy to access on heavy wind downwind reaches

12) traveller - due to the elastic cord mounted blocks the leeward cleat can be opened in full hanging position if you forgot to open the sheet during tacking. In light air this system works better than an expensive automatic traveller (which blocks if insufficient pressure is applied to the mainsheet).

Options on cleat board

9) centreboard on two ball bearing cars on track 1:3, curry cleat

10) spinnaker sheet adjustment 1:12 (9. position) clamcleat
The spinnaker lead blocks at the transom are adjustable. Solves some problems in heavy wind on a fast spinnaker run- On a tight run you can get the boom away from the forestay and you can roll the jib. No additional blocks on the sheet (no additional friction) or expensive tracks. I have it since 15 years in my boat, simple, reliable, effective.  


Further options

-  2 additional jib cleats per side (accessible by the

   helmsman, recommended)
- upgrade central cleats rack with ball bearing curry cleats

   (not recommended)
- upgrade to Harken automatic traveller (not recommended)
- double speed endless mainsheet system with

   double cleats (recommended)
- 2 carbon paddles (nice to have)
- 2 helmsman cushions (recommended,

   offers a better hanging position)
- 2 carbon bottle holders (nice to have)

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