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It's time for a new generation of dinghies: stable, light and maximum fun for the kids. Besides the exciting design, the hull shape is highly optimised: Big, fast rowing fun when alone, maximum sailing speed with two people and planing with four people and a 8 hp outboard. The wide stern gives enormous stability. But with one or two people, the AP10 has a very slim waterline and offers great speed in the most "sustainable" modes: rowing and sailing.

- only 33kg
- unsinkable

- low resistance

6 attachment eyes can be used for hoisting, mooring or sailing equipment. The two-piece Carbon mast is easy to stow and requires no shrouds. All fittings needed for sailing can be mounted in seconds: simply rope shackles into the hull holes. 


The AEOLOS PERFORMANCE 10 DINGHY is a multi-talent. It is made of carbon prepreg sandwich and coated with Alexseal. The carbon sandwich makes this dinghy unsinkable. As an option, you can order a thin stainless steel keel protector for beaching and a foam rubbing strake.

- length: 3,03m
- width: 1,77m

- draft: 0,23m with 340kg load (max. 1,0m with carbon centreboard)

- 33kg empty

- designed for 4 persons (320kg) and 15hp outboard

- 2 bunks and closed foredeck

- centreboard case

- glossy painted (as option: visible Carbon surface)
- non skid on deck & cockpit floor- 40cm X 40cm stern motor bracket




- 2 carbon oars

- 2 carbon oar brackets


- carbon rudder & centreboard

- 2 piece Carbon mast 4,6m

- main boom and gennaker boom

- main 4,7sqm and jib 3,9sm
- mainsheet with ball bearing blocks and curry cleat

- jibsheets with 2 ball bearing blocks
- Carbon centreboard and rudder

- hanging belts


- E-motor with battery

- outboard up to 15hp
- Mesh tank


Further options
- black rubbing strake outside
- carbon floor boards
- soft foam tube for the deck/cockpit edge

- keel protector stainless steel
- anchor bag
- storage box in center

- huge storage box in bow
- large draining pump
- custom davit lifting eyes

- other color than light grey

- clear coated visible carbon hull

- plotted boat name