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[ AEOLOS P30 ]



The offshore interior is consequently optimized for the workflow and handling during sailing. The boat reaches it´s optimal speed at a heeling angle of 20-30 degrees, which is a big advantage, because the bulb of the keel works very effective. This interior options allows you a fast rejuvenation during sleeping, cooking or navigation also in heavy weather conditions.

Inside you can hold on and change your clothes and slip easily into the tube bunk. And you can sit on a pot without being knocked down by a fat wave.


VR - virtual reality is a very big help to find an ergonomic concept. Were were able to explore the Aeolos 30 inside, sitting on the toilet, moving through the virtual boat. We checked the ergonomic aspects upright and with a 30 degrees heel. Additional to this impressive technology we were able to work together with a designer who brings in many different and new experiences (automotive).


Your save home at sea​

• everything is ergonomically optimised to 1.90m size

• all black carbon composite, painted as option


• rotating navigation table (dark blue)

• folding steps in the entrance giving the ability to sit safe when heeled, thanks the side guides (brown) 

• toilet in the middle below the fold-away entrance steps with compostable bags and fixed bucked

• due to the positioning of the aft adjustable berths your bodyweight does not affect the speed

   weather sitting on the rail or sleepin in the berths (pink)

• inclined benches in the middle means easy access to the rear berths when the boat is heeled (light blue)

• gimballed cooker on a rotating arm (green)


A close eye on the toilet​

If your ever tried to "do your business" on boat which behaves like a wild rocking horse, you know, that could take time and a lot of effort. Due to that reason we´ve placed the toilet at the best place in the boat, right above the center of tournaments, short behind the center of gravity. On our design carbon bucket you can relax and you will stay connected with the environment, with a view out of the entrance.
Open the cabin stairs and you find not a motor, but a big relief. The side walls gives you save grip during your delicate tasks. The bucket will be fitted with a composable bag that is attached with a simple elastic cord. When you are done, remove the bag, close it and store it. No valve, to holes, no tube, no pump, no repairs, no cleaning, no misadventures ...

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