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[ AEOLOS P30 ]




The AEOLOS P30 R with offshore interior is consistently optimised for workflows and handling while sailing. If you want more comfort in the harbour or when cruising, you can choose the Luxury Racing Version AEOLOS P30L and add removable modules to transform your racing machine into a cosy luxury racer.


The luxury racing version has a lot of space in front of the mast, a kitchen and a toilet. We modified the bulkheads to add more space. The whole boat is painted inside with a nice surface.

• Bright hatch

• Foldable saloon table in front of the mast

• Saloon benches for 6 persons with storage space

• Indirect lightning

Front Cabin

• 2 wardrobes made of fabric

• Spacious front beds 2m length

• Big storage space with hatches from top and front

• Shelves beside the beds made of fabric

Aft cabin

• Aft cabin starboard, divided with waterproof fabrics

• Bed wit storage space below the bed

• Shelve beside the beds made of fabric

• Cabinet on port with sink and water tab

• Kitchen on starboard with cooker and oven


Lavatory room

• walls made of waterproof fabrics

• removable THETFORD Porta Potti
• sink with tab

• shelve made of fabric

• cabinet below the sink


• easy access thanks deep cabin entrance (CE Kat B)
• comfortable stairs

Further options for the AEOLOS P30 L
• lifting keel, to reduce depth during sailing from 2,3m to 1,1m
lifting rudder, to reduce depth during sailing from 2,0m to 1,0m


Sailing on the high seas with a light boat requires a completely different set-up than spending the night in a boat in the harbour. The AEOLOS P30 moves light-footedly over the waves and reaches its optimum speed at a heel angle of 20-30 degrees, which is a great advantage as the weight in the keel bomb works more effectively than when the boat is sailing upright. 

The AEOLOS P30R with off-shore interior allows you to rest quickly while sleeping, cooking or navigating even in heavy weather. Inside, you can rest, change your clothes safely even in heavy swell and slip easily into the tubular bunk. And you can sit on a pot without being knocked over by a fat wave.

VR - Virtual Reality is a great help in finding an ergonomic concept. We were able to explore the Aeolos 30 from the inside, sitting on the toilet and moving through the virtual boat. We checked the ergonomic aspects while standing and heeling at 30 degrees. In addition to this impressive technology, we were able to work with a designer who brings many different and new experiences to the table (automotive).


Your save home at sea​

• everything is ergonomically optimised to 1.90m size

• all black carbon composite (rough peel ply surface), paint as option

• rotating navigation table (in the picture dark blue)

• folding steps in the entrance giving the ability to sit safe when heeled, thanks the side guides (brown) 

• toilet in the middle below the fold-away entrance steps with compostable bags and fixed bucked

• due to the positioning of the aft adjustable berths your bodyweight does not affect the speed

   weather sitting on the rail or sleeping in the berths (pink)

• inclined benches in the middle means easy access to the rear berths when the boat is heeled (light blue)

• gimballed cooker on a rotating arm (green)


A close eye on the toilet​

If your ever tried to "do your business" on boat which behaves like a wild rocking horse, you know, that could take time and a lot of effort. Due to that reason we´ve placed the toilet at the best place in the boat, right above the center of tournaments, short behind the center of gravity. On our design carbon bucket you can relax and you will stay connected with the environment, with a view out of the entrance.
Open the cabin stairs and you find not a motor, but a big relief. The side walls gives you save grip during your delicate tasks. The bucket will be fitted with a composable bag that is attached with a simple elastic cord. When you are done, remove the bag, close it and store it. No valve, to holes, no tube, no pump, no repairs, no cleaning, no misadventures ...

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