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AEOLOS M20 is an ultra-light motorboat at an affordable price. The M20 offers the possibility of operating a motorboat sustainably without major additional costs or restrictions on range and speed. Every superfluous detail has been trimmed for a bleeding-edge driving experience.


base boat with sun bed


base boat with 2 seat benches 


base boat with 2 seat benches, different arrangement


Born on the sea, the M20 is a meeting of worlds.

Bridging past and future, a M20 offers performance and design, luxury and efficiency, emotion and logic.

Ambitious and understated, the M20 is designed it to be very simple and flexible, but like nothing you’ve seen before. 

The AEOLOS M20 reinvents the sportboat, with leading driving dynamics, exotic look, and enhanced comfort for everyday usability.


The stern area can be equipped with
• a sun bed

• one or two bench seats

• barbecue and refrigerator

• fishing equipment

The modules (benches, refrigerator, barbecue, transport boxes, fish cooler) can be flexibly mounted on two rails on the side, the benches can be rotated 180° and everything can be adjusted in length.


As usable on the sea as it is on the lakes, the AEOLOS M20 is designed for everyday use. When it looks this good it would be criminal not to show it off.

Thanks to its low weight, this elegant small yacht is very easy to trailer. The pure hull weight without equipment is less than 100kg. A fully equipped boat with batteries weighs approx. 250kg. There is space in the bow area for stowing bags and other equipment.

This efficient yacht is a revolution in motor yachting. It´s made in the UAE in carbon prepreg and developed by an international team.

Length: 6m
Width: 1,74m

depth (without outboard): 0,15m

hight (without outboard): 1,15m

depth (with epropulsion outboard): 0,15m

The AEOLOS M20 without motor starts with

AED 98.000.– (appr. USD 26.700).

A 3KW Drive system with 3679 W battery is appr. AED 30.000 (USD 8.200).

base boat with 1 seat bench, refrigerator and barbecue


base boat with 1 seat bench, bait cooler and fish box


To prevent the trailer from coming into contact with seawater, the trailer is divided into a road trailer and a slip trailer. The trolley and trailer are made of seawater-resistant aluminium. The trolley has seawater-resistant wheels. The light bar holder is attached with hinges and forms the ramp for the slip trolley. The low angle makes it very easy to pull the slip trolley onto the trailer.
We use the same principle for the Flying Dutchman Trailer >>

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