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[ AEOLOS P30 ]



The "PURE RACING VERSION" contains all parts that make a boat fast: High quality fittings, superior ropes, light interior and a advanced carbon mast. The large gennaker, stored in a gennaker sock, will always remain attached to sheets and halyard, this will be hoisted and retrieved through the front hatch.



In the meantime, the ORC survey calculates quite accurately. That's why we now see more potential to win a race by improving the handling of a boat than to optimize the rating to the last one. Boats like the Farr280 could be driven at the limit alone or double hand only with much effort and concentration, because they are designed for 5-6 people. But when she runs, you drive through the field – until the next fuckup.

This Aeolos P30 allows easy, effort-saving sail changes and continuous trimming, and provides dry changing at sea and peaceful sleeping.

Sail storage

Gennaker A2

The large gennaker A2 will remain attached in a gennaker trumpet and will be set through the hatch in the front.

Jib, cutter jib, trysail

in harbour below the front bunks, at sea above the front bunk

Code 0 and or Flying Jib

in the cockpit storage below the hatch

Gennaker A5 or Code 0

iThe small gennaker hangs in a bag in the companionway, partly sheeted, and has a 2nd set of sheets, blocks and clamps.


The main sheet system offers 3 ratios, a fine adjustment, and the sheet with a double clamp, that means 1:4, 1:8 or 1:16. That is fast and saves your power.

The traveller is direct sheeted and runs easily, blocks oversized. All trimming possibilities are easily accessible.


The spinnaker retrieval system is one of the most powerful tools of the Aeolos P30. It´s a unique combination of smooth foredeck hatch, 2 ball bearing rollers below deck to compress the sail, teflon coated gennaker sock and 4 gears high speed Karver winch at the retrieve line. Normally it is possible to pull the gennaker in without winch, but if the gennaker is wet, the Karver Winch is a big help. In the first gear the winch pulls appr. 65cm with each turn (standard winches 15cm). Changing gear is easy done with a rotation change.
A water trap below the hatch catches the spray during a speedy surf. That means, water that is coming in flows out easily.

The similar system driven by a grinder is working great on a much bigger TP52, check here:


To improve the light wind performance, the Aeolos P30 can be easily trimmed with crew weight. We optimzed the cockpit layout of the Aeolos P30 for three main downwind and upwind crew positions for light (green), medium (blue) and heavy (orange) wind.

Downwind with light wind the Crew stands beside the mast and is sheeting the gennaker directly without winch. The helmsman sits leeward, steering with the telescopic tiller extension.In heavy winds the crew uses the backstay winch behind the helmsman. The backstay in only necessary for trimming. Downwinds the backstay can be jammed.