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AEOLOS offers a wide range of careers, whether you’re looking to join our management, design, engineering, production or service teams, check our current vacancies and find out what it’s like to work for a energetic and multicultural company.

Ar the moment we are looking for:

- 3d draftsmen

- composite specialists

- CNC machine operators

- welders

- painters

- surface preparation specialists

Please send your CV and salary expectations to

VALUES & RULES ... this is what you can expect :

Try and error method - can't be done, doesn't exist

We don't want to stand still, but constantly learn and improve. Only those who try new things can bring the company forward. That's why mistakes are allowed. If something didn't work, we have to analyse it in order to do it better the next time. That's how we move forward step by step.


For all our creativity, it is important to remember that our work must first and foremost produce an economic success for our client. So everyone gets their project, for which they are responsible and can be proud of it later. And everyone gets to know the clients they work for personally. So that you can work independently and responsibly.

In communication we avoid formulations like "one"-"someone"-"it should"-"one could"- ..... Instead we use: I, you, he, we, your, they.


Personal criticism

Personal criticism should be exchanged openly in private, but not in public and certainly not behind the back of the person concerned.



We help each other. If a staff member finishes earlier than other staff members, he or she should ask the others if he or she can still be of assistance.



Shared knowledge means personal freedom, an individual's knowledge means dependence. Therefore, all important positions at AEOLOS should be staffed twice, and joint exchange should be cultivated. 



We maintain a clear communication of deadlines. We give clear deadlines by which work must be completed and define a time in hours within which the work must be completed. The person responsible for carrying out the task must, in good time and at the latest at the time of handover/instruction (e.g. through project management or the workshop list)

give feedback on whether the planning is realistic, so that the project manager can find a solution in time.


Decisions are not postponed, but scheduled.

Covering up mistakes is the worst offence

Basically, making mistakes is not shameful as long as the mistake is not made twice or out of laziness or carelessness. Admitting mistakes and analysing them is rewarded. Firstly, one gets better and secondly, covering up usually breaks even more than correcting the mistake right away. The consequences multiply.


Suggestion scheme

Suggestions for changing the company or its processes are encouraged. If these suggestions result in a significant improvement, e.g. on the cost side, they are rewarded with a one-time bonus.


Further training

The work at AEOLOS should be done as independently as possible. Since we always have to be up to date with the latest technology - after all, we are advising the client in these areas - familiarising ourselves with new techniques is part of tAeolos's philosophy. Independent further training is assumed, and supported: Literature can be purchased by the company upon agreement. Everyone should suggest seminars or training courses they would like to attend. Of course, the management has the final say on which ones are suitable or not, and how to share or cover the costs.


Holidays are necessary to work well. Those who are left behind make every effort not to disturb those seeking rest. In order to do this, the person seeking leave must fill out a leave request form and prepare and complete a clearly written handover. 

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