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We developed a more simple layout which reduces the costs but offers all functions with less friction.

The basic version is fitted with Allen blocks and fittings. We developed a more simple layout which reduces the costs but offers all functions with less friction. For the Allen Flying Dutchman version we worked close together to find the best solutions. This results in reduced friction, which means you are able to produce higher tension in the rig without increasing the ratio - a huge advantage in handling and speed.

We got great support from Allen (UK), they improved their fittings a lot. The new patented Allen Dynamic bearing system provides an unrivalled weight to performance ratio. For example Petticrow Dragons are fitted with Allen now. In 2018 Allen takes huge investments in their Machining Centres and Design & CAD modelling software.



- spinnaker Sheet adjustment both side 1:12
- centreboard on two cars at ball bearing track/both side 1:3
- additional jib cleats per side
- upgrade central cleats only cam cleats
- upgrade automatic traveller
- double speed endless mainsheet system with double cleats
- 2 helmsman cushions
- 2 carbon bottle holder

If you are interested in this boat, please send me an email:

Sales & Service

Sales contracts, warranty conditions, dealer network ... that means a lot of work, too. We want to serve our clients around the world from the United Arab Emirates without delay, so we are setting up a network of agents and service points.
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Service & Maintenance

- stockmaritime, Germany,

Worldwide delivery 

We can deliver from Dubai to Hamburg at low costs - w have a partner with monthly, sometimes weekly leaving ships to Hamburg. Dubai is a hub to the world, the Jebel Ali Container Terminal one of the largest worldwide. A Flying Dutchman in a container should reach most major ports within a month.  



Contract security 

Dubai as production site is the strongest performer overall in the Middle East and North Africa region, and at the 16th place worldwide according to the World Bank's Doing Business 2020 report released in October. In the UAE is enforcing contracts much easier than in Germany (based on Time (days), Cost (% of claim) and Quality of judicial processes index). A new implemented electronic service of process, by introducing a new case management office within the competent court and by further developing the “Smart Petitions” service allowing litigants to file and track motions online. 

If do you have ideas, questions or additional feedback, please contact us, too:

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