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The pure racing version is reduced to the max, which saves 400kg of weight. This is a boat for hard sailing without compromize. Combining cutting-edge technology with extraordinary design, while always refusing to compromise.
Grinder. Tiller. Gennaker retriever system (TP52-style). All structural parts designed to take huge forces and reduce weight.



- very fast, reliable, light.
- single/double hand (OSR2)

- crewed racing with eight

- CE-Norm Category B (offshore)

- upgrade to A with additional equipment possible

- length: 13,6m (length overall: 15,94m)
- width: 3,9m
- 3,65t empty but rigged boat without sails

- weight bulb/fin: 2t
- ballast ratio: more than 54% (2000kg)

- depth: 2,9m

- mast length above waterline: 22,42m


(depends on the setup,ORC, IRC or One Design)

- jib 63 sqm (ORC)

- main 78 sqm (ORC)

- upwind 141 sqm (ORC)

- 272 sqm gennaker (ORC)


- tapered carbon mast
- Carbon boom
- Carbon bowsprit, foldable (harbor)

  and removable (transport)
- Halyard blocks: Gennaker (top), Code 0 (1:2, top), Main (1:2), Jib 1, Jib 2, Cutter stay

P: 19,44 m

E: 5,55 m

I: 17,93 m

J: 6,29m

I spin: 20,94 m

TPS: 9,08 m


- Fractional double spreader rig tapered carbon mast

- Discontinuous rod Rigging with with tip cups incl.

- Racing Rod turnbuckles for V1's and D1's

- double backstay dyneema

- Furling Karver headstay. Furling line led back to cockpit for easy handling.


- 2 jib Halyards

- 1:2 main halyard

- 1 top gennaker halyard

- 1 1:2 tio code 0 halyard

- 1 cutter jib halyard

- 2 tacklines​

- starboard clutch bank:

1. Gennaker halyard

2. Jib Halyard

3. Main Halyard

4. Cutter stay

5. Code 0 tackline

6. reef 1

- port clutch bank:

1. Code 0 halyard

2. Jib Halyard

3. Gennaker tackline

4. bob stay gennaker boom (1:4)

5. reef 2

Mainsail handling/trim

- oversized traveller system
- mainsheet system with 2 Karver Speed winches
- cunningham 1:8
- boom vang both side adjustable
- main halyard with reef loops
- 2 reefs

- backstays with high load ball bearing blocks

- backstay jammers

Jib handling/trim

- 2 jib halyards

- 3D jib bearing on long tracks
- dyneema jib traveller
- jib tack adjustment
- cutter jib halyard high load

Downwind sails handling/trim

- Harken Grinder & Harken winches

- 2 sheeting systems for gennaker/code0
- 2 mast top halyards (gennaker/code0
- 2 barber hauler with 3 padeye positions each side
- jockey pole as option​

Fittings general

- very high-quality fittings, rather oversized
- Marlow ropes (Grand Prix quality)
- 6 self tailing Karver winches
- 3 x Karver Winch Handles with Lock
- 4 x turning mooring cleats


- bigsail storage below the cockpit floor (3m long)
- big gennaker storage in bow section

- big gennaker sliding hatch

- life raft box integrated in stern


- retractable E-POD drive 12hp

- 400Ah LiFePo batteries

- Honda generator



AEOLOS YACHTS are built using the latest high-tech construction technologies: Carbon prepreg, post-cured EPOXY construction and ALEXSEAL 501 finish. The unique Carbon Keel Structure - a keel box and keel made of carbon unidirectional fibers gives improved rigidity and resilience with reduced weight. All structural hull parts are laminated in the hull, that means the hull is really one solid piece, strong as a tank.
- Full carbon sandwich (epoxy/prepreg)
- outside ALEXSEAL Paint on high build Epoxy Primer
- inside visible carbon or white lacquered
- CFD and Rating optimized by renowned partners
- Structural Engineering/CE certification made in Germany

​- aluminium traveller track

- carbon food rails


The 'T' keel consists of a full carbon fin with lead bulb for extremely high strength, low centre of gravity. The keel buld is totally encapsulated in unidirectional and multiaxial Carbon with epoxy for maximal safety in case of grounding. The keel is securely bolted to the structural carbon keel box with stainless steel bolts for maximum safety. The retractable Carbon T-Keel 2,9m to 1,6m is an option.


You can choose between double rudder (long offshore racing in average windspeed of 20knots, very fast downwind) or single rudder (average windspeed of 12knots, very fast upwind)

- 2 Carbon humbleback rudders

- 2 Carbon steering wheels at ergonomic shaped pedestals



The Interior is designed by AEOLOS industrial design. All parts are made of carbon composite.


- deckhouse windows

- flush frameless hatches on foredeck and coach roof

- optional sprayhood 


- Carbon composite navigation center with table

- carbon navigation seat​

- center storage with integrated battery bank (center of gravity)

- 2 x 2 carbon tubular bunks

- LED light red/white & LED ambient lights


- LED light red/white with USB socket

- 2 offshore toilets

- 2 x 2 carbon tubular bunks



- offshore gimble cooker

- LED light red/white



- 2 x 200l Fresh water tanks used as ballast tank : 200kg fresh water which makes the boat faster


- stern/bow navigation lights, motor and anchor light

- Shore Power Installation - 50A Battery charger & 2 x 12V 100Ah LiFePo Batteries

- Separate engine battery

- 4 bilge pumps- light starbord/port berth

- electro panel (24 fuses/switches)


- Flag Pole - Carbon

- 4 x White air-filled fender with lanyards

- 4 x 20m 14mm polyester mooring lines.

- 1 x 25m shore power cable.

- 4 x 2kg Powder fire extinguishers fitted throughout the yacht

- 1 x 3 kg gas bottle (CGI - blue camping bottle)

all together: EUR 340.000,- without tax (Introduction price for the first 2 boats: EUR 319.999)

Additional options

- retractable keel: 2,9m - 1,0m

- single rudder
- bigger LiFePo battery
- Electronics package
- Autopilot
- Life rafts 2 or 6 persons
- Jib halyard with mast lock

- 40" walk-on screen for maps and entertainment integrated in the cockpit bottom

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