[ AEOLOS P30 ]




A boat tuner by passion

Sailing a Flying Dutchman in the 80s meant constantly pimping your boat. Hans Genthe loved it and never stopped. He studied 2 years ship design but switched to marketing/design. So he "only" pimped his BB10, an ASSO99, Rainbow 42 and some more >>

The last 5 years he spent a lot of time with his team pimping his 280 for offshore racing. They survived the stormy North Sea Week in 2015 and won the last race with a topspeed of more than 26 knots despite a broken gennaker. Later he won the silverrudder 2018, which was also quite windy - only 50 boats of 450 finished. Next year Tilman and Hans had a very hard trip during the Baltic 500, Tilmans carbon bunks were great, but the boat by far too wet. 2019 Hans won the silverrudder again in normal conditions.
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By the way, the Farr280 "4sale" is for sale and with all the equipment a good price >>

The last 30 years he spent a lot of time on 30’ boats and bigger yachts, but he really love the easy handling of the 10m long boats: BB10m, ASSO99, 4sale, L30 and soon the Aeolos P30.


All these ideas on these fast boats, combined with appr. 100.000 miles sailing went now in a new design.


Why a new design?

At the 14 May, bored by the lockdown here in Dubai, Hans made a pencil design scribble, and posted it at facebook. The Feedback was great, more than 300 likes and endless comments. So he started a proper 3D Design in Rhino and made a calculation/proposal.


The feedback was incredible again. During the next mouths Hans worked together with and international team of engineers and experts and with a lot of feedback of his crew and Facebook on the optimization of the boat. The result is now in production.

- FluidEngineeringSolutions - Hull optimization (developed the software for some of the most successful design offices)

- Vmax - Rating optimization

- Elvstrøm - Sail and Rating optimization

- Solico - structural composite engineering and laminate plans

- IYachts - CE Certification and quality controlling

- Nova Composites - milling/mould making and boat building

- Notus Composites - prepreg production 

- Alexseal - high gloss long lasting paint solutions 

- Pauger - mast, boom, rigging - impressive quality