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[ AEOLOS P30 ]




A boat tuner by passion

Sailing a Flying Dutchman in the 80s meant constantly pimping your boat. Hans Genthe loved it and never stopped. He studied 2 years ship design but switched to marketing/design. So he "only" pimped his BB10, an ASSO99, Rainbow 42 and some more >>

The last 5 years he spent a lot of time with his team pimping his 280 for offshore racing. They survived the stormy North Sea Week in 2015 and won the last race with a topspeed of more than 26 knots despite a broken gennaker. Later he won the silverrudder 2018, which was also quite windy - only 50 boats of 450 finished. Next year Tilman and Hans had a very hard trip during the Baltic 500, Tilmans carbon bunks were great, but the boat by far too wet. 2019 Hans won the silverrudder again in normal conditions.
More here >>

By the way, the Farr280 "4sale" is for sale and with all the equipment a good price >>

The last 30 years he spent a lot of time on 30’ boats and bigger yachts, but he really love the easy handling of the 10m long boats: BB10m, ASSO99, 4sale, L30 and soon the Aeolos P30.


All these ideas on these fast boats, combined with appr. 100.000 miles sailing went now in a new design.


Why a new design?

At the 14 May, bored by the lockdown here in Dubai, Hans made a pencil design scribble, and posted it at facebook. The Feedback was great, more than 300 likes and endless comments. So he started a proper 3D Design in Rhino and made a calculation/proposal.


The feedback was incredible again. During the next mouths Hans worked together with and international team of engineers and experts and with a lot of feedback of his crew and Facebook on the optimization of the boat. The result is now in production.


After 40 years, the AP30 continues the idea of the legendary X79 at the current state of boatbuilding technology. In 1979, the X79 was unusual and revolutionary. The X79 was uncompromisingly designed for speed and good surfing characteristics. Most people thought the boat was ugly because of the fat stern. The interior was spartan. Toilet only as a chemical toilet option. No engine. Our dream would be if the AP30 became the X79 of this century.

- FluidEngineeringSolutions - Hull optimization (developed the software for some of the most successful design offices)

- Vmax - Rating optimization

- Elvstrøm - Sail and Rating optimization

- Solico - structural composite engineering and laminate plans

- IYachts - CE Certification and quality controlling

- Nova Composites - milling/mould making and boat building

- Notus Composites - prepreg production 

- Alexseal - high gloss long lasting paint solutions 

- Pauger - mast, boom, rigging - impressive quality


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