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- simple, reliable, light.
- quick to assemble (without crane), easy to transport
- single/double hand (OSR2) and inshore racing with six

- CE-Norm Category B (offshore)

- upgrade to A with additional equipment possible

- length: 9,04m (length overall: 10,7m)
- width: 2,91m
- 1.55t empty but rigged boat without sails and motor
- 1,980t double hand full equipped

  for 3 days saIling with 160kg Crew
-  ballast ratio: more than 50% (800kg)
-  draft: 2,3m - 0,5m

- Full carbon epoxy prepreg sandwich
- outside ALEXSEAL Paint on high build Epoxy Primer
- inside visible carbon or white lacquered
- CFD and Rating optimized by renowned partners
- Structural Engineering/CE certification made in Germany

- Carbon tiller with carbon tiller extrension

- ball beared rudder cassette

- aluminium traveller track

- aluminium food rails


- lifting keel with carbon fin and lead bomb
  (goes through the cabin roof for transport)
- lifting rudder in cassette with carbon tiller

- optional kick up double rudder

- tow in/out adjustment control

- optional changing between double/single rudder

  in a few minutes (if both systems installed)


(depends on the setup,ORC, IRC or One Design)

- jib 23,5 sqm (ORC)

- main 33,8 sqm (ORC)

- upwind 57,3 sqm (ORC)

- 111 sqm gennaker (ORC)

P: 11,910m

E: 3,848m

I: 11,418m

J 3,563m

I spin: 13,313m

TPS: 5,465m


- Pauger 2 parts carbon mast
- tube weight 22.6kg

- total weight with fittings/spreaders ex rigging 37kg
- ROD Rigging
- Carbon boom
- Carbon bowsprit, foldable (harbour) and removable (transport)
- Halyards: Gennaker (top), Code 0 (top), Main (1:2), Jib, Cutter stay

Fittings general

- very high-quality fittings, rather oversized
- Marlow ropes (Grand Prix quality)
- 4 self tailing Karver winches (check page handling >>)
- backstays with high load ball bearing blocks
- starboard clutch bank:

1. Gennaker halyard

2. Main Halyard

3. Cutter stay

4. Code 0 tackline

5. Reef 1

- port clutch bank:

1. Code 0 halyard

2. Jib Halyard

3. Gennaker tackline

4. Bob stay gennaker boom (1:4)

5. Reef 2


Mainsail handling/trim

- oversized traveller system
- mainsheet system 1:4, 1:18, 1:16 ratio
- cunningham 1:8
- boon vang both side adjustable
- main halyard with reef loops
- 2 reefs

Jib handling/trim

- 3D jib bearing on long tracks
- dyneema jib traveller
- jib tack adjustment
- cutter jib halyard high load

Downwind sails handling/trim

- 2 sheeting systems for gennaker/code0
- 2 mast top halyards (gennaker/code0
- 2 barber hauler with 3 padeye positions each side
- gennaker trompet wit ball bearing tube in the hatch hole
- gennaker bag in cabin entrance

- jockey pole as option


- stainless-steel stanchions OSR Cat1/ISO/CE Category A offshore with 5mm 1 x 19mm stainless wire lifelines.


- foldable cabin stair steps

- 2 bilge pumps

- cabin light red/white

- light starboard/port berth

- electro panel (8 fuses/switches)


- removable motor plug

- prepared for E-POD drive up to 6hp

- also possible to add an simple 3-6 HP outboard engine in the plug 

- 5 HP are sufficient for up to 7 knots speed

- blind plug if motor is removed

- if the motor is removed no resistance during sailing

- ISO Standard Cat A - 4 /Cat B – 6certification

- Stability index document
- CE Certificate of Compliance
- Certificate of origin
- Certificate of Delivery


Additional options

- kick up double rudder

- Pod or Outboard between keel and rudder removable 
- Cooker arm (carbon, removable)
- Carbon toilet)

- Side seats with upholstery
- Tubular bunks (carbon, removable), 2m length
- Foreship mattresses on carbon sandwich, 2m length
- LiFePo battery
- Electronics package
- Autopilot
- Life rafts 2 or 6 persons
- Backstay jammers
- Jib halyard with mast lock

Additional transport options

With this options it´s possible to launch the boat without crane and help.

- Tilt slip trailer (width 2.5m) 2.5t
  no permission in Italy neccessary
- Mast laying device
- Rudder bag

1:10 Radio Controlled Version

We are offering a 1:10 radio controlled Carbon model yacht which you can use for training or just for fun.