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Using the trailer will not only save you money, but give you the ability to do a lot more races and training. One weekend you can sail on Lake Garda, the next weekend Cowes week. During a three year racing campaign the running costs are usually higher than the costs of buying the boat. We have spent a lot of time to reduce the time for launching the boat without the use of a crane. 


The boat can be launched off a beach or slipway from this trailer. Using the drive-in aids, you are able to put the boat on the trailer while the trailer is completely submerged. The precise cradles for hull and keel bomb will hold the boat exactly spot that holds the ship and securely. After the boat is being retrieved, it is tilted to it´s transport position. With only 2,5m width you allowed to drive on roads globally. The stable tilting device allows the keel to remain in the boat. The low centre of gravity lets you drive safe and comfortable.

Due to this reasons the boat is ultra-transportable:

• mast laying device and divisible mast
• retractable keel and rudder
• removable, folding bowsprit
• tilt trailer (no permission for Italy/Lake Garda necessary)

• the boat fits in a open 40" container

The trailer has a particularly stable tilting device so that the keel can remain in the ship. With this trailer, you can go into the water on the beach. With the boat, you aim towards the bow winch of the trailer and, thanks to the two drive in aids, you are placed gently and precisely at the exact spot that holds the ship and the keel bomb securely:

• 2,8t aluminium trailer, payload 2,2t

• stable double frame chassis 

• galvanised, longitudinally adjustable axles

• waterproof wheel hubs

• the tyres are suitable for 100 km/h 

• tilt device

• 4 precize glasfiber cradles mounted in an aluminium frame

• for keel bulb, bow, and 2 hull middle sections

• braked with overrun device

• winch stand with safety cable winch and steel cab

• extendable and removable light bar made of aluminium profile

• protected installation of multi-chamber lights

The mast laying device holds the mast firmly during eracting and dismantling. This gives you the ability to do in launch and retrieve the boat even with wind and waves.


• mast laying device made of carbon

• easy to mount

• stable mast in every moment due to backstays mounted on cross tubes

• cross tubes fixed at existing padeyes

• mast mount/turning point fixed at the keel

Mast Laying Device
Tilt Trailer

How to get the boat on the street

1. Open the small hatch in the roof
2. Attach the pulley block at the main halyard and hoist the keel
3. Drive the trailer in the water (remove the transport boxes, if they should not get wet)

4. Sail the boat in the trailer between the two drive in aids, attach the trailer wind rope to the bow

5. Lift the rudder and tow the boat out of the water

6. Mount the mast laying device at the lifted keel and lay the mast

7. Mount the tension belts, tilt the boat and insert the 2 locking bolts

8. Stow the transport boxes, the mast (divisible), rudder and boom under the boat

Enjoy your ride. The low centre of gravity lets you drive safe and comfortable.


We can ship the boat in a high cube container. For this purpose we developed a simple steel rack with high quality cradles. The good thing: You can dismount the cradles and use them on a trailer.

We can work together with a trailer company in your company and send them all 3D data and specs they need to build a proper trailer which fits boat and the cradles. This allows you to buy a trailer locally and put the boat with the cradles on the trailer when it arrives. We are already working on a trailer that will be locally built in Australia.


Otherwise, you can buy a trailer here, but we need to check that the trailer meets the regulations in your country. We have solutions for Europe. I this case we can ship with a RoRo freighter.

We care about the shipping, but if do you want to pick up your boat without our help:

HS Code: 89039100 - Sailboats, with or without auxiliary motor.


Pick up address:

Aeolos LLC

Factory No. 5, Plot NO 390 (597-844)

Dubai Investment Park 2

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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