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Hot racing fun with a length of 91cm: the new AEOLOS P30 radio controlled carbon racing yacht.

The technical concept is based on the proven reiliable 3x1 model yacht that is sold several hundred time all over the world. With the 91cm carbon hull, the AEOLOS P30 RC has impressive planning characteristics and is a real eye catcher. Built in Dubai from modern materials and equipped with a fail-safe sail and rudder servos, the AEOLOS P30 RC offers up to 16 hours of sailing fun without recharging. The yacht can be assembled in minutes and fits into the smallest locker or boat. The carbon epoxy model yacht is also absolutely sea water resistant: thanks to the simple double hatch system and stainless steel fittings. 


The AEOLOS P30 RC is a model boat, that is fast, safe and affordable – without restrictions to durability or quality. The double-hatch-system provides security for the electronic equipment inside the boat; water cannot penetrate. The sails made of spinnaker cloth are durable and available in three different sizes. The mast and booms are made of Carbon, too. All standing and running rigging is made of Dyneema. The modern hull shape is similar to the 1:1 AEOLOS P30, but hydrodynamically optimized for model yacht sailing and topped by the removable bowsprit made of Carbon Epoxy. 

Transparent HULL.600.jpg

The boat will be delivered painted with high quality paint. We use only the best modern composite materials, like in our real boat production. The mast and the booms are of carbonfiber and eays to store, no spreaders and backstayspreader are neccessary. The shrouds and all other ropes and sheets are made of dyneema with a high breaking load. The 140cm long carbonfiber mast is made from two pieces, so you can easily handle the boat  for transport. The foldable carbon gennaker boom can be removed easily. The keel and the rudder are also hand laminated in carbonfiber-epoxy with unidirectional carbon core. They have both an optimized profile for perfect hydrodynamic characteristics.

In the boat, two servos do their work. The servo for the sails is very powerfull and the rudderservo is equipped with metal gears and prepared for high voltage (2 cell Lipo). The recommended RC system is a state-of-the-art 2,4 GHz system. This protects you from overlapping frequencies with other modelboat users. A 6V battery (not included) with Sub-C cells is provided for the boat. This battery is available with up to 4,500 mAh and allows at least 8 hours of sailing fun! Altervatively you can use a 7,4V Lipo battery, the Servo are prepared for high voltage systems.

The electronic components are protected by a new double-hatch-system. The inner hatch is a round one and fits exactly on to the rim of the notch of the 3x1. This inner hatch is available in any normal household goods shop, because we have used the cover of an standardized preserving jar. But thants not all: the inner hatch is protected by a second hatch. The outer hatch gives the cabin part of the boat a good look and it protects the inner hatch from splash water. This combination make shure, the electronic components in the boat will always stay dry.

Scope of delivery:
- Carbon epoxy hull
- flow-optimised Carbon keel fin and lead bulb
- flow-optimised Carbon epoxy rudder
- Light wind sails made of spinnaker cloth
- Powerful sail servo
- Rudder servo with metal gear
- Carbon mast, 2 pieces for easy transport
- Carbon jib and main booms
- foldable and removable gennaker boom
- Standing and running rigging made of DYNEEMA
- Stand

Optionally available, but not included:
- 2,4 GHz RC-system
- medium wind sails
- heavy wind sails
- rechargeable batterie-pack for the boat
- rechargeable batteries for the transmitter
- chargers

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