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[ AEOLOS P30 ]



This is a racer which enables you to win. We went through the whole racing process and optimized every step. Including transport and launching, long lasting sails, low maintenance costs. If you sum all costs of a racing campaign, you will understand, this boat saves huge money that you can invest in sails and training.

The price for basic boat is a great offer for a full carbon racing machine – please get your offer and compare. It´s possible due to clean processes and modern machinery. In the United Arab Emirates we have perfect production facilities: Milling machines up to 26m bed length, vacuum infusion technology, CNC metal workshop and enough space – air conditioned.

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We want happy customers. Please visit us in Dubai and have your first sailing experience with your new boat here. We have stable winds, great weather and a beautiful sailing area. To make it as easy as possible for you, we offer a handover package calculated on your origin, which includes.....


... for you:

• fligts to Dubai and back, hotel 

• shuttle from the airport and back

• shuttle from the hotel/yard/sailing club/dinner event

• test sailing, handover

• if you wish, guided experience for your accompany (sightseeing/shopping) during sail

• dinner event

• you are welcome to stay longer: The UAE is a nice country, Dubai a great city.


... for your boat:

• weekly picture documentation of the construction process of your boat (always free of charge)

• tax & customs service for your boat

• delivery on the trailer or in a container to your home port

• assembly service by our local dealer

Please note: The time in the UAE: UTC/GMT +4 hours - Compared to Germany: Summertime +2h, winter +3h.


Sailing in the UAE is a great experience. Stable winds, warm water, sun and a beautiful landscape/skyline. It's worth staying for a week or more. Get to know the friendly, tolerant people in the UAE and don't forget to take an off-road desert trip. We have collected some impressions in the gallery below and look forward to making your test drive an unforgettable experience. 


We want to serve our clients around the world from the United Arab Emirates without delay, so we are setting up a network of agents and service points >>

Aeolos Yachts

Phone: +971 - 45 48 5885

Mobile/Whatsapp: + 971 - 5 444 27 159

Service & Maintenance

- stockmaritime, Germany,

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