semicustom from 6000 to 4000 mmm or individual designs/structure

High strength, visible Carbon and tapered ends

2017 we developed a new production process for carbon booms. The prototype joined the stormy Silverrudder 2018 on a Farr280 and survived also the 50knots wind during the last race of the comes week. Our booms are reinforced in those areas that require strength: Boom vang zone, the section that can hit the shrouds, main sheet attachments.
If you want to push the limit, we offer an structural analysis that is specially tailored to your needs.

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Hardcore testing: Cowes week 2018 - up to 50 knots windspeed​


The prototype on a Farr 280

The booms are manufactured in CNC milled moulds, we have developed a system which can adjusted in length, diameter, and taper. This unique system optimizes the diameter and taper of the ends individually for your needs. This reduces the weight, and makle the boom extremely good looking. The biggest invention/advantage is the endless woven fabric above the UD fibers, that gives the boom the outstanding strength in daily use and a great finish.

seamless gooseneck integration

Our composite consulting services

- selection of the best production method/process and material for your needs

- project management

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