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Jan Hansen is responsible for our yacht service and sales in Norway, Sweden, North Germany (Schleswig Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen, Niedersachsen)

Jan B. Hansen, born in Copenhagen has been into professional sailmaking since 1975. He was the founder of Dan Sails in 1979, which joined Quantum Sail Design Group as franchise taker in 2002. Late in 2017 he could see the technological trend and joined North Sails, where he is still connected to as free-lance consultant.

His sailing career has been all the way from local dinghies and 505 moving slowly into keelboats. He has been sailing all the major regattas in Denmark. Among those Sjælland Round (230 nm) more the 30 times and Fýn Round (130 nm) more then 60 times. He has won all of them some a few times. In the last decay his focus has turned more into single- and doublehand racing. He has won the Danish Double Hand Series 3 times together with Henrik Jørgensen, line honors and first on handicap in Denmark Round Singlehand + several podium places on Silverrudder.


Now his is replacing his workhorse Figaro 2 “The beast” with our all-new carbon rocket Aeolos P30.

Jan Hansen: "I wanted a lighter boat, a easier driven boat in the lighter windrange we often see in our waters and the boat should be prepared to go on a roadtrailer. The Aeolos P30 has the full package.

On top of that it’s well thought out, including many fine solutions for handling. And it looks kind of scary ..."

Jan Hansen will receive his Aeolos P30 in Summer and will offer test sailing.

Contact details:

Jan Hansen
Sundbyvestervej 41
2300 København S

+ 45 - 40 56 12 96



Some results:
- Round Denmark: 2 x winner overall, 2 x Line Honors
- Silver Rudder Record Holder 2021/Winner Silver Rudder
- Vegvisir Race Class Winner 2019
- Tjorn rundt overall winner
- 2 times Fyn rundt winner
- 3 times Danish Double Hand Champion
- X Gold Cup winner



Alexseal Metallic Topcoat "Peppermint Blue" and Film from Design made by AEOLOS/Igor Dzukowski.

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