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Full throttle forward. AEOLOS switches to full operating mode.

We had some busy weeks to get our boatyard organized. We call it Phase 1, goal was to get the production running. We installed an efficient IT infrastructure to steer all processes, and start training everyone in the new workflow system. The storage is structures with a Kanban system and almost mirrored in the database, some work has to be done still. The databased project management is up to date, we are employing to speed up production. More and more details of the production process of every boat are integrated in the database.

Round the AEOLOS Cube we designed the production circle: 1. lamination 2. Curing 3. Trimming/glueing 4. Keel Adjustment 5. Sanding 6. Painting 7. Fitting. In the cube we located the parts and pieces production.

The team in the workshop is growing. Still looking for new team members.

Face to our local clients: Salim Soury has started as AEOLOS service manager.

Refit project: From scrap to new. 2. Seakarts getting some love in our paint preparation area.

Establishing a new screw storage system is a lot of work in detail.

Organizing the storage with a database supported Kanban System.

The metal workshop is now very well organized.

Keel-Adjustment and assembling area.

Assembly line preparation. Every shelf means one AEOLOS P30. The parts for the next 4 boats are almost produced.

In the climate controlled cube we are producing high performance carbon parts.

In our second factory we start preparing for the delivery of the heavy machinery: Big milling machine, paintboot, carpentry, oven, ... Phase 2 will start soon.

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