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Redesigned: High Quality Radio Controlled Model Yachts

We are investing in high tech equipment and tools for model yacht production.

  • precision model yacht moulds made in steel and aluminium

  • model yacht paint booth

  • model yacht sail printing system

  • databased production system

The rudder is the most important tool to control the boat. We produced ultra high precision moulds for super accurate carbon prepreg rudders.

The carbon fibers are pressed in our 150t press into these moulds. Result: Zero tolerance.

The new rudders will provide even more fun at the AEOLOS P30 RC. Check out here:

Programming the CNC machine. Normally used for turbine blades, etc.

First rough milling.

Rough milling is done.

Precise milling. Left: roughly done. Right: nice surface is coming.

Next project: Keel moulds in steel for the AEOLOS P30 RC

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