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SUCCESS! First AEOLOS model yacht design sail set is printed.

Passion for Performance, We managed to set up a print system for the most stable spinnaker cloth on the world market. The main intention is to produce the nicest and best model yacht sails in the world. 2007 Hans Genthe developed an unique production process at stockmaritime. Now he improved the process in the new AEOLOS high tech boat yard in the United Arab Emirates. Yesterday, 15.4.2024 the first sail set got the quality approval for production. Before the system had to survive a dedicated calibration and tolerance approval process.

Now the next level has started: 1. Brighter colours 2. Less tolerance

3. Better materials

Ok, defining an exact color is still a challenge, but the print-through (almost same color intensity on both sides) and resistance is unique in the world. This enables us to produce superlight and strong model yacht sails based on high duty spinnaker cloth.

Depending on the customer which we can offer glueing or additional sewing of panels and leech.

In our ultra-cleanroom we produce the sails in an climate controlled area. Together with aerospace parts and high precision industrial parts like turbine blades. Available model yacht designs:

• 3x1 • ACC110 Americas Club Class stockmaritime 2007 • AEOLOS P30

• BT1 Trimaran

• Dragon Flite 95

• Dragon Force • Folkeboat RC

• Focus

• VICTORIA/IOR78 - stockmaritime • IRC 88

• MegaMaxi stockmaritime

• Micro Magic

• J-Class and C-Class stockmaritime • Kyosho Fortune/stockmaritime AC60 • Kyosho Seawind/stockmaritime VO60

• Open 60 stockmaritime

• R46/TP52 stockmaritime

• seacret

• Volans Trimaran • Volvo Ocean 65

• Volvo Ocean 70

Some examples of more of 2000 designs on stock. Every design can produced in Light wind, medium wind, heavy wind and storm version.

We can produce your individual design, too. Please request our sail measurement form. Check out our model yacht production here. We produce our boats, moulds and plugs on high precision CNC machinery – 100% inhouse.

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