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Updated: Jun 9

According to the AEOLOS P45 L we designed an AEOLOS P30 Version that is more comfortable in the harbours and is very suitable for cruising with the family.

  • Toilet room

  • Big saloon

  • Kitchen

  • Lot of storage area

  • Aft Cabin

The reason why we can offer this type of interior: Next week we will receive 10 CNC carpentry machines from Germany and set up an interior production for these AP30L and other boats - in our second factory. Another 5 machines are on their way by sea. This will enable us to produce interior fittings super-fast and very precisely. A central element is the heated press for bonding wood, textiles, leather, marble, granite, Teflon and other materials to composite panels.

In future, interiors will be much lighter and more comfortable, with less impact on driving speed.

Yes, a race boat can by cozy.

The luxury racing version has a lot of space in front of the mast, a kitchen and a toilet.

The textile elements save a lot of weight and they are easy to remove.

The Cabin entrance fits CE category B and is very comfortable.

The toilet room is still in the center of movement.

All parts are made of carbon composite. We can add wood or marble surfaces.

The inner surface of the hull and deckhouse is faired with lightweight putty, sanded and painted. This surface is easy to clean. The 25mm thick carbon sandwich hull provides a good insulation due to the foam inside.

Find all differences between the two AEOLOS P30 versions here >>

More details about the interior you can find here >>

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