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A sailing yacht built in the United Arab Emirates is dominating the Northern European short handed racing boat scene.

Updated: Jul 7

Jan Hansen, an experienced Danish sailor, has finished first in his class in an impressive series of races, 6 in a row, including the famous classic races Palby Fyn Cup and Sjælland Rundt Double Handed. The 230-mile Sjælland Rundt is one of the most challenging double-handed regattas on the Baltic Sea. Another AEOLOS P30, which is sailed by a team based in the United Arab Emirates, has also won the Al Gaffal Race in the United Arab Emirates.

The AEOLOS P30 is perhaps the most advanced sailing boat for double and single-handed racing on the market. The AP30 was developed during the Corona Lockdown in Dubai. The innovative design is optimised for hydrodynamic and aerodynamic efficiency and creates a distinctive, futuristic profile. The 1.55 tonne boat is made entirely of carbon prepreg composite and is powered by a carbon fin with an 800 kg bulb at 2.3 m depth. This enables great sailing performance - to put it in the words of the automotive industry: The sails work like a turbocharger for a super sports car.

6 boats have already been built and 2 more are under construction. The AP30 hull number 8 was modified for participation in the Sydney Hobart Race and designed to survive the brutal conditions on Brass Street between Australia and Tasmania.

Based on the successful lines plan, AEOLOS also offers a luxurious racer version with a comfortable interior for fast cruising and successful club racing.

Aeolos Yachts, founded in 2022, has already produced 4 yacht types and 12 boats, all made of carbon prepreg. The material, which is known from Formula 1 for racing cars, enables very strong and super-light boats. The AEOLOS motor yachts are ideal for electric propulsion systems, the low weight and low resistance reduce energy consumption by up to 60%.

The racer is now being built at AEOLOS' new high-tech shipyard at RAK Port in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, which is integrated into the Centre for Sustainable Shipbuilding. AEOLOS YACHTS has started production beginning of May 2024 in the new facilities with water access. AEOLOS is also offering repair and refit service for vessels from 3m to 30m.

The AEOLOS P30 Race boat continues the UAE's centuries-old sailing history at the highest level and establishes this message in the world: With the Centre of Sustainable Ship Building, the United Arab Emirates is one of the best locations for the construction and service of high-performance maritime vessels.

More information at AEOLOS YACHTS website:

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