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Setting up the AEOLOS factory ... the first week in the Port of Ras Al Khaimah

Updated: Mar 26

Yes, we did it. We can start production in Ras Al Khaimah Port :-). One week for the move, one week for the initial setup. Monday we start working on the projects.

Full temperature controlled: sanding and lamination room. Will be separated from each other. Easy shifting from clean to dirty and back.

Ideal working area for high quality composite works.

The mix of conventional and CNC machinery is perfect for boat and ship building. The big Zimmermann milling machine will arrive soon.

The 2 x 160cm wide LFP printers have arrived. And a plotter and a Calander for prints on sailcloth and other fabrics.

Also the meeting room works. You are welcome.

Our 30t truck with 10t crane cam pic up boats easily.

The first printer is working. 160cm wide nice prints on sticker materials, banner fabric, and far more.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The move was a big challenge. But thanks the Crew of RAK Ports we felt always very welcome. The whole team has moved private almost at the same time.

In the previous factory at NOVA Composites ... a lot of stuff to move.

Lot of truckloads like this moved to RAK.

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