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High precision measurement and printing - the foundation for quality in production. Second week of AEOLOS in RAK

Our print and measurement room is done!

  • 1600mm wide large format printer for stickers, banners and more

  • 1300mm wide high precision plotter

  • 1600mm wide sail printer

  • 1600mm wide heat transfer machine

  • 3D printer for small moulds and fittings

  • Hexagon CMM for scanning high precision complex 3D geometries measurement (1,3 μm)

  • Complete set of 200+ measuring tools, Granite benches with height gauges.

  • precision sewing machine

Communication designs meets yacht production on the the shop floor:

The new printers enables us to produce easy to understand templates and plans for the workshop. It will improve the communication and reduce a lot of errors and time. That is the most important reason for this investment.

Our first company signage, inhouse produced

Testing the new printer. We are using waterbased ink technology.

The two new big printing machines :-)

Plotter for printed materials or coloured self adhesive materials (for example boat names or company names)

Our heat transfer system for connection of fibers with colours. Perfect for polyester sailcloth.

The Hexagon CMM for scanning high precision complex 3D geometries is super precise (1,3 μm). With this machine we can controls the results of our CNC milling machines or scan high precision parts into 3D models.

With our 3D printer we are producing since 3 years.

Model boat assembly and quality control. High precision model boat sails production.

Efficient work environment to start. Fortunately we have enough space to grow and to expand the room.

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