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NEW: Aeolos P30 Harbor lifting keel mechanism.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

There big advantages of a lifting keel system: - you can access picturesque, but shallow, harbours and anchorages

- if the harbor is filled with boats, you maybe find nice places in the shallow waters

- if you hit the ground and got stuck, you can lift the keel a bit to free you

- in light air you can reduce wetted area and increase speed Due to a lot of clients requests we developed a removable keel lifting device which can be mounted below deck. This enables to lift the keel from 2,3m up to 1,2m depth. The keel can be fixed in the harbour with a bolt in 3 heights: 1,8m, 1,5m and 1,2m.

The lifting is easy done with the existing Karver Winch, which can be fitted with an electric winch handle as option.

Lifting is not recommended during sailing, because the keel is tapered and has increasing tolerance in the keel box. To avoid rattling in the box we provide rubber wedges. For racing you can remove the hole system to reduce weight. It´s a lightweight full Carbon mechanism, mounted with 2 screws to the keel, no further screws necessary.

The 1:12 ratio means only 67kg load on the road. The whole device can become removed.

No modification in the AEOLOS P30 is necessary.

One block on the starbord winch, the lifting rope on the port winch, then you can start.

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