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High speed offer: Get the fastest double hand handling possible on a Aeolos P30

We have just negotiated a cooperation with Karver/France: The first 6 Aeolos P30 will be equipped with Karver winches, at no extra charge. The winches offer big advantages in single/double handed sailing. Due to the innovative automatic gear box combined with a grippy self tailer a gybe or tack will be faster and easier.

The primary winches are the KSW - Karver Speed Winch: It´s 4-speed automatic winch, ideal for gennaker sailing is the 1st gear: 6x faster - plus self-tailing. A huge advantage when jibing. One of the two extra speeds is ultra fast and one is fast, the next 2 speeds are identical to other winches on the market.

At the maneuver, the difference is just incredible: the rope is grinded 6 times faster than a winch of similar size. These manual winches are so fast that it is no longer necessary to take the slack of the rope. The maneuvers are safe and fast, the sails flap less, the boat loses less speed, 6 times faster = 6 times less turn to give.

Aft/secondary winches: The KCW45 - Karver Compact Winch: 2 gears, and super light.

In the first gear twice as fast, great for trimming the Genni from the stern.

In 2nd gear it has a high reduction and the power of a 45 winch. Ideal for trimming the backstays. The KCW45 has won the international innovation & design award DAME AWARDS 2019 (International marine equipments trade show / Amsterdam) in its category : Deck & mast hardware, rigging & sails.

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