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Energy International and Aeolos Forge Alliance to Introduce Zero Carbon Emission Abra Vessel

Energy International and Aeolos Forge Alliance to Introduce Zero Carbon Emission Abra Vessel for Sustainable Infrastructure in the UAE

Dubai, UAE – 27.11.2023

Energy International, a leader in the turnkey implementation of innovative sustainable mobility solutions (, and Aeolos, a pioneering force in composite technology (, proudly announce their collaboration to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that will revolutionize the landscape of sustainable marine transportation and infrastructure development in the United Arab Emirates.

This strategic partnership between Energy International and Aeolos marks a significant leap towards achieving the UAE's sustainability goals. Leveraging Energy International's expertise in state of the art and sustainable mobility initiatives, coupled with Aeolos' advanced composite technology, together the partners deliver full service for the life cycle of a maritime public transport solution: feasibility studies, concept, design, vessel production, payment systems, route optimization, maintenance, and recycling.

As a first step, the collaboration aims to introduce a zero-carbon emission Abra vessel. This vessel will serve as a cornerstone in developing environmentally conscious and efficient transportation solutions, crucial for the ongoing sustainable development and more environmentally friendly future for the UAE. By amalgamating Energy International's commitment to renewable energy and Aeolos' cutting-edge composite production process, the initiative promises to set new benchmarks in reducing carbon footprint and advancing sustainable infrastructure.

"The partnership between Energy International and Aeolos signifies a monumental stride in our collective commitment to environmental sustainability," stated Mr. Aspi Kapadia, Vice President of Energy International. "This collaboration underscores our dedication to pioneering innovative mobility solutions that not only meet but exceed the UAE's sustainability objectives."

Aeolos' CEO, Hans Genthe, shared, "We are proud to join forces with Energy International in this revolutionary project. Our ultra lightweight technology, combined with efficient drive systems has led to a ZERO Emission solution. Energy International’s experience in implementation and maintenance of public transportation systems will lead to a new visionary approach. The autonomous driving technology and advanced payment systems will enable new areas of customer friendly public transportation."

The zero-carbon emission Abra vessel is slated to redefine the standards of eco-friendly transportation, catering to the burgeoning needs of a rapidly evolving society. Its deployment in the UAE signifies a commitment to not only reduce carbon emissions but also to foster the development of a cleaner and more sustainable environment for future generations.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Hans Genthe,,

phone/whatsapp: +971 – 5 444 27 158

About Energy International:

Energy International is a leading ISO9001:2105, ISO14001:2015 & ISO45001:2018 certified entity in the domain of sustainable mobility and environmental solutions. Committed to innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology, Energy International endeavors to drive change towards a greener future.

About Aeolos:

Aeolos is a forefront player in composite technology, specializing in the development and production of advanced performance ships and boats. Their focus on innovation and sustainability has positioned them as a trailblazer in the field of ship production.

The sustainable yacht range:

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