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If you check the sailing market, you will find out, that there is no Cruiser Racer with equivalent Sailpower/Comfort ratio on the market, which has similar speed potential.

With a total weight of 4t and 2t weight of keel, the AEOLOS P45 will enable a unique sailing experience and a cruising range similar to fast catamarans. It´s possible to our unique prepreg system. The pre-impregnated fibres have an exactly defined ratio between carbon and epoxy resin. If the layup is finished, the part will become baked in a huge oven and receives the maximum strength thanks a 100% defined curing process. The finished boat has no pollutant emmsions and is 100% safe against osmosis.

The new NOTUS NE7 prepreg system was developed by our sister company NOTUS Composites, also based in the UAE. The novel low-temperature curing chemistry offers significant cost advantages and allowed us to switch from the infusion lamination process without developing expensive new high-temperature tooling. The overall production cost is similar to or even lower than vacuum infusion due to cost savings in the shopfloor during application and cleaning, less waste and lower health and safety costs.

• less weight than classic GRP (20-30%)

• less waste (<2%)

• almost zero production errors

• no harmful styrene or VOC emissions

• no human contact to chemicals

• no chemical mixing and vapour exposure

• 100% protection against osmosis

In the last month our design team worked a lot on all the small details. We think, the interior is simple, but extremely comfortable.

Planing with a cruising yacht? No problem.

Lot of sail area, but easy to handle.

Lot of comfort thanks carbon prepreg production

Lot of freedom due to the range, delivered by sailing speed

Lot of space. The boat is optimízed for double hand sailing. The owner cabin is huge.

The layout enables comfortable cruising up to 6 or fast long distance racing with 9 crew.

We produce the AEOLOS P45 in our new fully integrated factory.

If someone needs more speed, he can choose the pure racing version. More information:

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