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The luxury racing supercar or racing luxury yacht? AEOLOS P45

The market is full with sailing caravans. But we recognized a market niche for a sailing supercar. Do you like supercars? Then check out this boat. It´s by far the lightest and fastest production monohull on the market. We kept the boat simple. Less weight. Less maintenance. Les hassle. More fun.

Half of the weight of most performance cruisers but more ballast ratio with same sail area. It´s like putting 1000HP on a 900kg sports car. Means fun.

A super light Interior Design with all+ you need for cruising: 3 Cabins, 3 toilets and a huge shower room. The whole interior is stiffening the boat at the right places, means this Cruiser is far lighter than the most racers: 4t with 50% ballast ratio.

If you want to go for medium and long distance racing, just add the tubular bunks each side.

The "owner cabin luxury racer" offers full comfort for double hand racing but "only" tubular bunks in the stern. Perfect for cruising double hand and racing with crew.

If you get rid of all the interior, you will save 400kg. With 3,6t and 2t ballast the pure racer is more a pure rocket.

The saloon is simple. Clean and efficient. And super light.

It´s a boat for sailors. Yes, caravans have more space. But here you can live during sailing. You will have fun with sailing. A lot of fun. By the way: the black carbon box in the middle covers the lifting keel.

The front bed is huge. The ventilation will bring a lot of fresh air during hot nights. You will enjoy every minute.

The fresh and clean room. The port shower is 2,1m high and no hidden edges. If you are fiine with the starboard toilet, you can have even more space here.

The starboard toilet and wardrobe room. The place to dry you wet sail clothes.

The half of the Carbon prepreg saloon table fits perfect into the cockpit.

AEOLOS P30 style. You will love the rescue hatch bathing platform. 50mm above the water you don´t need any bathing ladder (only for CE Certification). More about this very special boat you can find here: >>

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