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See me, feel me, fly me soon. The AEOLOS Flying Dutchman.

Traditional shape but high tech materials: We are using Prepreg and Epoxy for the AEOLOS FD.

Producing a fast Flying Dutchman is a challenge. After so many year of being an olympic class lots of sailers optimized the boat to the limit. Finding the last gaps and producing inside the narrow tolerances creates some headache. Now the first boat is ready for fitting.

During the build we had some ideas for improvements, which we have already integrated in the moulds and production jigs. For example: All high load attachments, forestay, shrouds, boom vang, lower shrouds, etc. are made in carbon unidirectional rowings. Do you want to know more about Prepreg boat building? Check here >>

Looks like a real FD. The small hole at the bow is for a mooring line.

Easy access to very block and rope. Easy to maintain.

Super low wind resistance. The rubbing strake is very long for fast downwind racing

FD with a spoiler.

Strait lines. High speed.

For the production we are using state of the art technology: Milling with a Kuka robot.

Second milling step: Now the shape is easy to see.

Material testing. The laminate is pretty strong :-)

Measurement of the plug before mould making is starting.

The deck plug is prepared for production.

We are using NOTUS carbon prepreg for production.

Deck lamination has started.

Debulking of the laminate.

The hull is nice and light. Unbelievable stiff. And only 41kg light.

Stringers and double bottom are glued and laminated. Super light Kevlar spinnaker tube.

Double check of the hull with the official templates of the IFDCO.

Checking transom and centreline with a laser.

The first rudder looks promizing.

Lots of fittings have to be mounted in an FD.

Check of the ergonomics and handling. All brackets for cleats and blocks are made of Carbon.

Optimizing to the last limit.

The FD is in the workshop and fitting has started. Check here for more details:

Several hundred meters of ropes and rubber cords ...

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