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The wirefull racing machine: AEOLOS FLYING DUTCHMAN

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

A FLYING DUTCHMAN is a real challenge. A powerful boat with huge genoa made of Carbon prepreg. Perfect to control thanks sufficient trimm possibilities. Check the Images.

Check here for more technical information:

1) centreboard up/down 1:4

2) spinnaker pole lift (1:2 in mast)

3) cunningham 1:4

4) jib lead adjustment vertical 1:12

5) jib lead adjustment sidewards 1:8

6) lower shrouds 1:24

7) shrouds 1:24

8) jib/forstay adjustment rough 1:12 big curry cleat and fine 1:24

9) centreboard on two ball bearing cars on track 1:3

10) spinnaker sheet adjustment 1:12

11) boom vang 1:12, curry cleat, easy to access on heavy wind downwind reaches

12) traveller - the leeward cleat can be opened in full hanging position

Rigging our first mast produced in Dubai-

More impressions:

The Flying Dutchman area in the AEOLOS Workshop

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Great work... look forward to seeing her on the water.

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