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A new Flying Dutchman is born: the AEOLOS FD is measured and sailed!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

At the 18.3.2023 we launched the Flying Dutchman at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club. The whole AEOLOS boatbuilding team had the chance to make a test sail. Tanja, the IFDCO Measurer was out on the water, too.

Thanks a lot for the support to the DOSC-Team! The Dubai Offshore Sailing Club is a very active sailing club and is organising a huge amount races and offers professional sail training.

Yes. It is a Flying Dutchman. At the the 17.3. Tanja, the Measurer of the IFDCO (International Flying Dutchman Class) checked the hull and the spars.

First sailing minutes ... the new AEOLOS FLYING DUTCHMAN is very responsive. You can feel the super extreme weight concentration. Tanja comments on her Facebook page: "I am proud to announce that we have a new FD builder: Aeolos. Last Friday I measured the new boat and she is within all the limits. So she is, according to the rules, officially a Flying Dutchman." "I also had the honour to sail her the next day. The boats feels really good on the water and I cannot wait to see her in an official race. So I congratulate Hans Genthe and of course all the members of the building team. Nice work." Tanja, thank you for these nice words from the whole AEOLOS team!

The AEOLOS FD has almost no stern wave. This boat has more buoyancy at the stern, nice water flow even with an old fat guy like Hans sitting at the helm. He can sit 20-30cm more aft compared to my old boat and he has some kg more now ... More about the Flying Dutchman:

The photo-story of the launch:

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Gero Gaedeke
Gero Gaedeke
Mar 25, 2023

Without ifs and buts - it is still the most beautiful racing dinghy with fantastic features, congrats, Gero

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