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SB20 Repair Service at AEOLOS boat yard

Updated: Jan 10

AEOLOS supports the SB20 sailors and the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club with

  • free repair service during the SB20 World Championships  – at the DOSC Club house

  • repair and refit of SB20 at the boatyard (we will provide a quote after inspecting the boat or based on pictures)

In preparation for the SB20 World Championships we help with the preparation of the SB20 boats. In the AEOLOS boatyard we can get your boat ready for racing. As race boat specialists, we can carry out the following typical SB20 repair work quickly and to a high standard.

  • Keel weight adjustment : Adding or removing weigh

  • Keel/Rudder alignment

  • Structural repairs of keel and rudder

  • Bulkhead repairs, replacing of rotten bulkheads (templates existing)

  • Damages in hull and deck (collisions)

  • Leakage test

  • Sealing of fittings

  • Crack repairs (keel case)

  • Cracks in hull deck connection

  • Fittings replacement

  • Rigging

  • Anti Skip foam for Cockpit (we have accurate templates)

  • Anti skip paint (ALEXSEAL)

  • Gelcoat repairs/painting

• Polishing and waxing

  • Trailer repairs: brakes, new wheels, welding, light check, RTA-approval

  • New trailers (with axis/coupler/brakes made in Germany)

The most comfortable way to bring your boat to our boat yard in Dubai Investment Park 2 (DIP2) is on a recovery truck. We can provide the contact to the service or arrange with DOSC. At DOSC side we need support or we have to send a worker to coordinate.

We can also pick up your boat on our trailer, but we will need to book a driver, which will result in higher costs. Our scope of repair services:

We produced tuning rudders for DOSC sailing yachts, refitted 29ers, repaired several sailboats, and pimped a lot of SB20:

SB 20 repair work and refit at AEOLOS:

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