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Maiden voyage of the AEOLOS P30 RC in DUBAI

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

At the 24 September 2021 in the evening after a heavy sandstorm we launched the radio controlled version of the AEOLOS P30.

The design of 1:10 version is optimized for RC-Sailing. Longer keel with more weight, a little bit more rocker in the hull (more buoyancy) and a longer mast.

The result: Fig sailing fun. The boat works perfekt from the first moment, well balanced and easy to handle. Huge stability when heeled and always easy to control.

First AEOLOS P30 Maiden Voyage. Today evening after the sandstorm on a lake near Dubai Investment Park. The sand in the air gave a unique red light.

One day later the owner of the AEOLOS P30 #1 sailed the small sister of his racer today. First time radio controlled. He has done a good job. Big: Small:

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