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In the morning of Saturday, 23.7.2022, we demoulded the first Flying Dutchman hull. After 12h of baking the hull is incredible stiff. With 44,4kg we are far below the weight limits. The brown color is our self developed surface resin, which closes all pinholes and give a perfect base for the paint.

The hull could be 10kg lighter, we added in more layers than necessary beside the centreboard and in the traveller region. The whole boat with fittings and ropes, but without rudder, centreboard, mast and sails need to be 120. Maximum 15kg corrector weight ist allowed, and has to be placed at the mast. Better to concentrate our weight in the traveller position, because this is the center of movement, and the boat is faster in waves.


2020 during the lockdown in Dubai we started the development of the Flying Dutchman.

The whole boat is designed in 3D

Surface controll in Rhino 3D

Foam block design

Milling starts.

The Kuka Robot has less than 1mm tolerance on the 15m milling length.

Milled foam block.

Block prepared for measurement.

Deck milling.

The polished deck block (positive pattern).

Fittings have arrived.

Measurement of the hull with the original templates of the Class Organisation.

Material test: deck laminate. Strong.

Correction of the stern shape.

Deck laminate. Notus Carbon Prepreg.

Clean production process thanks prepreg.

The first rudder

Freshly baked carbon prepreg deck

Mould production: Gelcoat application

Lamination of the hull moulds

Trimmed deck.

Weight control of the deck.

23kg. And very stiff.

hull mould finished :-)

Compressing the first layers of prepreg.

Inner layup of the Carbon prepreg.

Temperature controll sensor.

Ready to bake.

Done. Perfect result.

The keel band is made of carbon rowings, it is strong like steel.

44,4 kg hull weight (45kg minus 0,6kg belts)

The team is happy !!!

Now we can add the inner structure and double bottom.

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Hi there, I am looking for information on the FD shroud base width and position from transom. I see from the images that your shrouds are well inboard.

Perfect for getting a better shape from the genoa. Can you tell me what your measurements are for these? I am studying the FD sail shapes and rig loads and would like to use the latest rig geometry for it.

Nice work with the design! Best regards,


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