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AEOLOS P30 RC production: 18 boats under way.

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

We established a dedicated and well trained team for the model yacht production – check the image gallery at the bottom of this page. We have 18 AEOLOS P30 RC in production. 10 almost finished. Some of the AEOLOS P30 will be available at stockmaritime in Germany soon. We are delivering completely rigged boats and Kaskos, which can be designed and fitted individually in Germany by stockmaritime. Please get in contact here:

Shipping all over the world is no problem, to most destinations we can offer good prices with air freight.

More Information about the small yacht:

Some bullet points: - Carbon Epoxy (hull, deck, hatch, mast, booms, rudder, keel, bowsprit) - High quality 2 component ALEXSEAL paint - Offshore going and saltwater resistant - 8h or more continuous sailing (depending on the battery) - Assembly in 5-10 minutes - Superfast and strong servo motors for sail and rudder

Some impressions. We tested a lot and we are sure to deliver an extraordinary model yacht:

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