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AEOLOS LLC started AT 1/8/2021

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The first Aeolos P30 has to be fitted soon. So we founded AEOLOS Boat Building LLC and found a nice place in DIP2 near our production partner Nova Composites. We operate in the newly renovated factory: - Design/Engineering/Marketing - Fitting out AEOLOS yachts (assembly fittings, engine, electronics) - boat repairs - refit of yachts - special parts - design and production of boat trailers - production of radio-controlled model yachts

Our new headquarters. The boat arrived virtually ... thanks Photoshop.

Friendly: First our office, later meeting and showroom:

Visitors welcome.

Consulting: we are collecting material samples and informations.

Renovation in progress. Big door - easy access with boats.

Sanding at Nova Composites; The first Aeolos P30 will be fitted soon.

30 years know how with high quality carbon work:

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