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Building boats? Means building a boatyard.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The last weeks were incredible busy. We moved in our new factory:

• 5000 sqm roofed area

• 14000 sqm land for expansion

In the Dubai Investment Park 2 the Dubai Economic Authority offers fast decision-making processes and an efficient infrastructure with short distances to the Dubai-World Central International Airport and the Jebel Ali Container Terminal.

With team of more than 200 people from Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Germany, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Serbia, Sri Lanka, we are producing 8 types of yachts, boats and dinghies, a huge number of architectural parts and maritime accessories ... and do not forget the radio controlled model yachts.

Our company has Indian and German owners ... to be honest, the Indian and German management cultures are very different and bring a lot of challenges. But both cultures have great strengths. We are working hard to find a regulatory model that combines the best of both cultures.

You are welcome to visit us. The UAE in winter is THE place to be.

We have developed and we are producing our own epoxy prepregs. Carbon, Kevlar and E-Glass. With the help of these materials we are building super light and strong boats. Sustainable and efficient. Our goal is to become the leading performance boat yard for sustainable yachts. We started one year ago. We made a big step since that. Come and check out. Follow us on Facebook.

AEOLOS P30 ready to sale – ready for the paint of the next client.

One of our new temperature controlled production boxes is growing. In front super light carbon prepreg yacht interior.

Our marine team is working in the new office. We have 4 naval engineers employed.

Office renovation.

Glassfiber tank production.

In the winter nobody want to work inside.

Series production in small scale. AEOLOS P30 RC >>

Our new temperature controlled clean room. Dream room for composite work.

Radio controlled powerboat under construction.

Soon on the water: The super efficient platform for electric propulsion systems: AEOLOS M40 >>

Multi Culti Company; Diwali is like Christmas for Hindu. The UAE is a state of tolerance and freedom.

Supercool: Carbon prepreg Air-Outtakes

Supercool 2: Carbon prepreg Cabin entrance.

Supercool 3: individual glassfiber petrol tanks

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