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The miraculous transformation of the AEOLOS P30 - thanks the ALEXSEAL COATING SYSTEM

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The first AEOLOS P30 is near to the finishing line... the next big milestone is done. The hull is one piece now, laminated together, strong as a tank. We love to see the miraculous transformation of the AEOLOS P30 in the NOVA Composites paint boot. First layer of ALEXSEAL Superbuilld 302 is applied. Alexseal Superbuild saves a lot of time during the fairing process. The first days it is easy to sand, later it becomes hard as stone. The shape of the AEOLOS P30 is unique. It´s no BB10. It´s no X79. It´s no Farr280, ASSO99, L30, ... it is new. It´s the logical result based on experience and research.

The Aeolos P30 bowsprit fits, the brackets for the stanchions are glued in. The tube for the stanchion brackets are carbon tubes with 4mm wall (!), special production for AEOLOS. Laminated in the hull. Light and safe. Now it´s fun to fondle over the curves of this new baby :-) ... becomes smooth.

AEOLOS P30 "Aurora" and the happy owner. Looks like a boat now. Deckhouse is bonded.

Still in two halfs. Igor, our designer is slighty proud of his long carbon stick . We started now the AEOLOS boatbuilding LLC and can offer such individual parts and repairs in our new facilities in DIP2/Dubai.

The deck shape at the cockpit area supports you well when the boat is healing.

Aeolos P30 now first time with real bowsprit. This carbon piece is able to carry 4t of load at the top ...

More information concerning the boat you will find here:

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