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THE BEAST - AEOLOS P30 launched in Denmark

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Thursday, 8.9.2022. After a lot of delays thanks customs and coast guard inspections the blue AEOLOS P30, called "THE BEAST" has arrived in Genoa.

Jan Hansen picked his AEOLOS P30 hull No3 up in Genoa and drove over the Alpes on the high ways to Denmark. The trailer works perfect with the VW van, easy to drive thanks 2,3t total weight of trailer, boat and equipment.

Some reasons why this boat is something special:

Friday, 9.9.2022. Finally the AEOLOS P30 has arrived in Kopenhagen, Denmark. In Kopenhagen we installed the electronics at Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, in the afternoon we drove to Thunø near Svendborg to launch the boat. 2 friends arrived from Hamburg by car and 2 family members by BB10 nearly at the same time. Great timing.

Sunday, 11.9,2022. We mounted the mast and start fitting all together. That was a hard but cool day, we managed to set up the AEOLOS P30 in one day, thanks to the help of family and friends: In the evening the the blue beast is almoust ready to sail.

Monday 12.9.2022. Sea trials started. Sometimes it´s better to reef ... first sea trials in 20-28 knots of wind. But the AEOLOS P30 works nice, 14,8 knots top speed without gennaker. Still a lot of details until really race ready ... but also some days left before start of the Silverrudder. On Tuesday we planned to fix and pimp some minor things and get the autopilot working.

Tuesday, 13.9.2020. Second day on water. The AEOLOS P30 is performing very well in the actual windy conditions. Gennaker sailing is very easy and fast, constantly 13-15 knots of boat speed. Fun. Adjusting instruments, marks on halyards, installing furlers, taping all potential gennaker killers, storing security equipment, and a lot more. The sailing pics are taken from the BB10.

Wednesday, 14.9.2022: Jan Hansen sailed his AEOLOS P30 to Svendborg. The harbor is filled with 450 competitors ... a great atmosphere. Lot´s of sailors visited the AEOLOS P30, which slowed the preparations down, but at the evening "THE BEAST" is ready to race.

Thursday, 15.9.2022: Fine tuning, preparing the boat for the race.

Friday, 16.9.2022: Good start of Jan Hansen on Aeolos P30 at the Silverrudder. He left the Svendbord Sund as 3rd boat, sailing very carefully, safety first.

Saturday, 17.9.2022: Jan Hansen finished 5th of 88 boats in his group. It was a tough race, a lot of wind speed changes and sudden heavy gusts keep the sailors awake. Taking a break for a hot meal was almost impossible. Jan is very impressed with the speed of his new boat, despite racing 95% of the time only with jib and main he was able to keep up with his competitors and but a lot of pressure on them. He hoisted the gennaker only in the last miles in Svendbord Sund. At least the preparation time was too short, the electronic installation was a bit too provisional, so the autopilot failed right at the beginning of the race. Later in the race, wind speed, depth and boat speed did not work either. "With more preparation and a reliable electronic installation, my new boat has great potential." Jan was very positive: "I'm looking forward to working on the details and can't wait for the next regatta."

Jan installed a complex NKE system that normally takes several days to install and sea test. He is known for pushing his boats very hard, winning most of the Danish singlehanded regattas in recent years with his Figaro II.

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