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AEOLOS P30 "THE BEAST" showed huge potential: 5th place Silverrudder - without autopilot

After a a lot of delays we managed to pic up the blue beast in Genua and drove it to Denmark. In only 6 days we set up the boat and installed the electronics, that means Jan Hansen was able to start in the Silverrudder 16.9.2022. It was a tough race, a lot of wind speed changes and sudden heavy gusts keep the sailors awake. Taking a break for a hot meal was almost impossible.

Jan is very impressed with the speed of his new boat: His autopilot installation failed, but despite racing 95% of the time only with jib and main he was able to keep up with his competitors and but a lot of pressure on them. He hoisted the small gennaker only in the last miles in Svendborg Sund. But he finished 5th of 88 boats in his group.

After the start Jan took the lead. At least the preparation time was too short, the electronic installation was a bit too provisional, so the autopilot failed right at the beginning of the race. Later in the race, the instruments for wind speed, depth and boat speed did not work either. "With more preparation and a reliable electronic installation, my new boat has great potential." Jan was very positive: "I'm looking forward to working on the details and can't wait for the next regatta."

Jan installed a complex NKE system that normally takes several days to install and to do the sea test. He is known for pushing his boats very hard, winning most of the Danish singlehanded regattas in recent years with his Figaro II.

Some of his comment´s about the performance of the AEOLOS P30: "On Wednesday we got a few hours on the water in even higher windspeed. But we got so much peace on board, so there was an opportunity to fly the small asym of 80 square meters. The boat went easily and effortlessly 13-14 knots at twa around 140."

It was fun to fly the AEOLOS P30. "Upwind we were somewhat overloaded with canvas. We probably should have taken a reef or two, but it wasn’t rigged yet. Despite a heeling of 25-30 degrees in the gusts, the boat was in fine balance. Completely without rudder pressure, it continued straight in the gusts."

Reefed on the second sea trial. "I was somewhat unsure if my autopilot was properly tuned and decided to hand steer as much as possible. Going on deck to set flying sails up towards the Great Belt Bridge was not an option in fresh conditions with the 30 knot tws in the gusts. The boat flew off in very fine balance at 10-14 knots. Unbelievable to feel the boat even in the strongest gusts and with great heeling, didn’t get lumpy, but balanced nicely on the rudder without pressure."

Exit the Svendborg Sund. Lot of controlled power available.

"To sail on without a spinnaker would be hopeless, so I managed to fly the little chicken chute at 80 sq.m. In the thin air, I have never seen a boat sail so fast. The closest boats aft quickly became smaller and those in front larger. A really good feeling of pressure in the boat."

On the last miles Jan catched some boats under gennaker.

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