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AEOLOS P30 series production has started: 4 boats in progress.

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Our weekly AEOLOS P30 production meeting this morning was one of the best. We are making good progress and production times are getting shorter. Our goal is to be able to complete 2 boats per month by the end of February.

We expect to start moulds of the AEOLOS P45 in January, before that all processes for the serial production of the P30 should be established.

Hull #1 with the second hand test trailer. Behind this old Nissan Patrol you can´t feel the AEOLOS P30. Too light. 1,6t carbon & lead behind 2,8t steel and petrol.

The trailer cradles are fitting the boat perfectly.

Hull #1 paintwork inside has started. Drilling for many fittings is done. Interior is glued in... we found some improvements.

AEOLOS P30 #2 wedding is done.

AEOLOS P30 #3 hull prepreg layup.

AEOLOS P30 #4 deck prepreg layup.

AEOLOS P30 #2 Bowsprit.

AEOLOS P30 #2 secondary bonding of the rescue box

AEOLOS P30 #2, 3, 4 deckhouses

AEOLOS P30 #3 deckhouse. Pure Carbon.

AEOLOS P30 #3 structural parts on the 6m x 3m vacuum "baking tablet"

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