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AEOLOS P30 painting with ALEXSEAL has started

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

After a lot of testing the paint process the painting of the boat at NOVA Composites has started. We adjusted the paint mixture to the high temperatures here in the UAE.

Boat No. one will be painted with solid colors (orange, whisper grey) and metallic (Auora gold)

We are using the approved ALEXSEAL system:

- one stage polyurethane Premium Topcoat 501 (T Series) - two stage Metallic Base Coat / polyurethane Clear Coat system (M Series) - epoxy-based finish primer Finish Primer 442 - epoxy-based high build primer ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 - olvent-free, epoxy-based, light-weight filler Fairing Compound 202

Aurora Gold: an unusual eye-catching metallic color

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