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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

We were able to do the first test sail with daylight at saturday. This time with gennaker also: We have done some extreme manoevers with gennaker: with 30 degrees heeling still full control. The boat is fast and forgiving for sure: CFD and reality is matching. We solved the halyard/Spinlock clutch issues with bigger inserts. Some results: - perfect balanced

- fast accelerating - easy to trim

- the Karver 4-speed winches are great for gybing

- the gennaker can be hoisted out of the sock through the foredeck hatch - the gennaker retriever system is working, also with the Karver winch

Dmitry, the owner of No 1, singlehanded back from the UAE registration. The UAE registration process is still not finished, so we are only allowed to sail one hour for sea trails near the harbour.

Ready to start

The Elvstrøm Sails fit perfect, max profile depth at the right position.

Upwind: 6,3 knots with AWS of 5,5m/s (10,7kn) and tacking angle of 42 degrees.

Downwind 8,4 knots topspeed. Here 5,9kn speed at AWS 0 - too fast to measure ;-)

A look inside the boat. Cushions are still protected with plastic film. Table and cooker arm are turnable.

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