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4,8KW full carbon solar roof with water collector

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Carbon composite construction with 4,8KW solar cells.

A cool task: We designed a new roof for a the Fountaine Pajot Bahia Catamaran "Babelfish" and started production at Eaton Marine.

The Fountaine Pajot Bahia Catamaran "Babelfish" with the virtually mounted roof

It´s a lightweight multi tasking carbon roof:

- produces 4,6 KW energy with solar cells

- collects water

- integrated main sheet traveller

- dinghy davits

- stern light, VHF, satellite receiver, auto pilot gyro

- hand rails

All cables are hidden in the structure and can easily maintained through inspection hatches from the cockpit. Check out our services: By the way: You can book a ride on this catamaran here:

The Babelfish with the old Bimini.

Traveller adjustment ropes/clutches

3D design based on proper measurements done by Aeolos

Smooth top with a strong frame for the main sheet forces.

Red areas: Inspection hatches

Integrated navigation electronics

The front beams lead the rain water in the tanks

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