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A multifunctional carbon solar roof for a 45" catamaran

Updated: May 3

We finished the catamaran roof ... 6,34m x 4,54m full carbon. Up to 4,8 KW solar power possible. Integrated traveller. And a lot more. Will be mounted on a 45" Fontaine Pajot Bahia Catamaran. Designed in Rhino 3D. Foam cores milled by a Kuka Robot. Produced in Carbon Epoxy. Production time: only 44 days

The roof will be fitted with LG NeON 2 BiFacial solar cells. They are designed to absorb sunlight both from the front and the rear sides of its NeON® cell by using a transparent backsheet. The dual faces of the cell result in higher energy generation. All cables are hidden in the structure and can easily maintained through inspection hatches from the cockpit.

The features:

- carbon epoxy, painted - size: 5,8 m length x 4,5m width, 1,8m struts that take the loads of the traveller

- 10 solar panels with full support frames (anti corrosion glassfibre) for solar panels

- 4 panels 2m x 1m - 72 cells

- 6 panels 1.6m x 1m - 60 cells

- water collection through the front beams with threads for tubes into the tank

- 2 strong central handles below the roof for heavy weather

- hidden traveller screws, access through hatches in the traveller beam

- traveller sheet lead through the roof to the main winch (Harken blocks)

- 3 hatches for cable access in the middle beam

- big access hatch into the main beam

- Antenna holder with carbon cable hatch

- Navigation light bracket

- cable channel to antenna bracket

- cable channels in the circular beams down to the stern storage

- handles for easy jumping in the dinghy

- clutch brackets for traveller sheets and dinghy lift

Check out our services: By the way: You can book a ride on this catamaran here:

Back side with dinghy lift and bracket for instruments

Front side

3D Design


hidden cable tubes

Organic design

Dinghy attachment points

Stern side with bracket for instruments and cable cover

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One solar panel was damaged due to overheating last weekend so looking for a professional roof repair company that can install a new panel in an efficient manner.

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