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Time to introduce the Aeolos Team. Today: Igor, the designer.

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Igor Dzukovski is one of our partners. He´s a industrial designer, but in some way he is more a 3D philosopher and artist, than designer. Inspired by nature and natural principals he is combining them with the most sophisticated materials and technology, and provides endless inspiration which is always connected to the physical world.

We are happy to work with him on some inventions.

Here´s one of his own projects:

A Duck beak has evolved over millions of years so it can perfectly work both while flying and swimming. It developed a shape that actually drives the air from the eyes so the duck can keep the eyes open.

The idea was to take the same concept and place it on a car which will push the air flow of the front of the car down without extra wings. Experiment with topology of the vehicle also popped out with the same idea in mind. How to create a sleek, natural form that will allow a high speed of the car, while using a small engine? Don’t look further. Just look what nature designed.

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