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The first AEOLOS P30 is completed and awaits sea trials

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Good and bad news: After 7 months of building time the AEOLOS P30 is ready for launching. Bad news: Our boss became infected with Covid and is in quarantine for 10 days. What a pity. We wanted to surprise you with some sailing pics of the real boat this weekend ...

In the last week we have done a lot of improvements: - The lifting keel was a big challenge. We reinforced the roof openings above the keel heavily. - The rudderbox works easily. We developed carbon UD reinforced bearing rings and a special router machine. - The rigging took a lot of time but was also fun. Most sheets and halyards are tapered. - The upholstery fit. - Everything under water is nice and slic.

In between we had a list of more than 400 tasks. Documentation and improvement for the next boats took also some more time than expected. At least we found a lot of nice solutions ... check the images.

ALEXSEAL provided us with a new environment friendly antifoul solution which is already tested on a lot of Open 60. And it is clear!!! Invisible.

Some impressions:

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