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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The idea for Aeolos was born in 1981 when Hans Genthe built his first yacht, a radical (compared to the usual IOR designs of the 80s) model boat called "Aeolos". 40 years later he developed the AEOLOS P30, the first 1:1 yacht of the young company, but 40 years old brand. In between was an Olympic campaign in the Flying Dutchman, years of studying naval architecture, lots of racing and yacht tuning, and a successful career as a marketing consultant until he found his way back to his roots in the UAE.

At the 14 May, bored by the lockdown here in Dubai, Hans made a pencil design scribble, and posted it at facebook. The Feedback was great, more than 300 likes and endless comments. So he started a proper 3D Design in Rhino and made a calculation/proposal. The feedback was incredible again. During the next mouths Hans worked together with and international team of engineers and experts and with a lot of feedback of his crew and Facebook on the optimization of the boat. The result is now in production.

After 40 years, the AP30 continues the idea of the legendary X79 at the current state of boatbuilding technology. In 1979, the X79 was unusual and revolutionary. The X79 was uncompromisingly designed for speed and good surfing characteristics. Most people thought the boat was ugly because of the fat stern. The interior was spartan. Toilet only as a chemical toilet option. No engine. Our dream would be if the AP30 became the X79 of this century.

In order to realize this dream, AEOLOS became part of NOVA Holding in December 2020 and received sufficient working capital to finance further growth.


5/2020 during the Lockdown in May Hans Genthe designed a 30 feet racing yacht

7/2020 4 clients want to buy the AP30, Enata agreed to build the boat

9/2020 The Enata management changed it´s mind

11/2020 Aeolos Yachts website went online

12/2020 EATON Marine agreed to build the AEOLOS P30

1/2020 EATON Marine failed to start a factory and broke the contract

2/2021 Founding of AEOLOS FZE

3/2021 Mould production started at Nova Composites

4/2021 start developing the AEOLOS P45

4/2021 start developing the AEOLOS M40

6/2021 Production of boat No1 started at Nova Composites

7/2021 start developing the MAYLA 44 as white label production boat

8/2021 Founding of AEOLOS boat building LLC

10/2021 start developing the AEOLOS P10

11/2021 First AEOLOS P30 is painted

12/2021 AEOLOS became part of the Nova Holding, start building up the series production

1997 we started to develop an enterprise software solution, that covers all important areas of a company. Since that time, all production processes and repairs are archived in a database. Now this enables us to make a fast and transparent calculation based on stored experience of more than 20 years.

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