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The AEOLOS P30 Painting is almost done!

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Finally weather, paint booth and painter found a good setup. Looks very promising.

By the way, if you want a boat for the next season, take your chance now. We are booked until end of march now and looking for a bigger factory. For the series production we need to do some planning now: At the moment we have designed our production setup for one boat per month. With 8 boats ordered our actual timing for the 9th boat is End of Juli, then additional 6 weeks shipping ito US/Australia/Europe. We are able to increase our production capacity, but if we want to keep the attractive price, we can´t afford unused capacitiy. For our planning it helps to get preorders or letters of intent... so we are happy to get your feedback.

A last layer of clear coat and some antiskip is left.

7 AEOLOS P30 in production now: 3 small RC ones,

1 big in golden paint now, 3 further lamination has started. 😁

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