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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

To save time in series production, we changed our production process and simplified the measurement. We made a rigid cradle for the keel alignment so that we can adjust the keel and rudder 100% vertically and in line. Then we laminate the keel box around the keel and attach the rudder bearings.

Gold, white, blue ... the next boat color is coming next week. During the last month of sailings we noted a lot of small optimizations on boat No 1, which are adopted for series production or offered as further options. - main sheet base 40mm higher - out-hauler for the jib sheet

- bigger jib sheet leads (for adding additional sheets for easy sail changes) - foredeck hatch opening from the cockpit

- ball bearing halyard blocks in the deckhouse

- 2 degree more rudder angle for less neutral rudder feeling

By the way: The keel is 796 kg, so with the weight keel and the wedges we hit the weight by nearly 100%.

All this would not be possible without Oliver, our production manager at Nova Composites. He built appr. 3000 boats and 100.000 + of square meter prepreg parts for architecture. He managed to increase the production speed by appr. 300%.

The paint process becomes still better and better, too.

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